The Having Opportunities Provided to Succeed (HOPS) Program

The HOPS Program is a therapeutic group designed to provide children and youth (ages 6-17) with the opportunity to develop and use new skills by socializing and interacting with others, engaging in skill building activities, and taking on leadership roles. The program runs 2-3 days per week after school in 12 week cycles. 

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Women's Circle

The Women's Circle is structured support group developed by the One Circle Foundation for women ages 18 and over that has been utilized by colleges, facilities, faith based, and military settings. Women’s Circle offers meaningful discussions, creative arts, and skill building activities that focuses on the topics and issues relevant to their lives. By working together, women share challenges, fears, pains and joys, discoveries, and grow as individuals.  

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Individual and Family Therapy

At Epiphany Counseling Service, we believe in the ability of children to overcome their difficulties and develop the ability to thrive. We provide individualized treatment to help children and adolescents to be more successful in their environment. Specializing in ADHD, emotional and behavioral difficulties, mild substance abuse, adoption related issues, and trauma treatment; Epiphany offers individualized treatment  which includes typical in-office individaul and family therapy as well as intensive blended program.

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